Soft-Reject - One Page WordPress Theme - need suggestions

Hi There
I got a second soft reject with my theme based on approved HTML template.
Idea is nice, however elements are not implemented nicely and theme still needs work.

  1. Usability still remains very low.
  2. Design consistency is not there.
  3. Spacing and aesthetics needs improvement.

What’s yours suggestions about usability and spacings?
demo is here:

You do not show page so what answer do You expect ?

link is here:
it’s also in the first post

I think you are very lucky to get soft rejected…:smiley:

Oh Thanks… Your advice is very helpful…

for usability i wud suggest to add a search and scroll to top options.
consistency maybe try same color for all under lines below heading

I would speed up the hover animation.

Thanks Guys for all suggestions. We will working on it. Someone got any other advices?

We changed some things in our template - any suggestions will be appreciated…
Do you think the theme is ready to resubmission?