Soft reject on track similar to rest of portfolio

I’m getting seriously fed up with some of the review team. I’ve waited 11-12 days for a corporate track to be reviewed which is literally the same as every other single corporate track in my portfolio to this point, which have all been accepted first time. The ‘problem’ being told to me is that there’s a ticking-like sound on every snare hit that is ‘too distracting’. I thought okay, I’ll bring it down in the mix so it’s less noticeable and it’ll be a slight compromise. Re-submit all files > rejected again > ‘The ticking sound is still there’.

The ‘ticking-like sound’ is literally the standard finger clicks on every 2nd and 4th beat and this element is a major part of the track, and thus, I refuse to remove it.
Why has this not been a review issue in ANY of my previous corporate tracks? Like, it’s literally the exact same sound in all of my previous corporate tracks.

What can I do here to ensure that the song isn’t ruined because some guy on $20 headphones doesn’t like a sound? I don’t mean to be mean, but is there a way for me to contact them and tell them to listen to genuinely any of my portfolio and see that it’s exactly the same?

Rejected track
Portfolio example 1
Portfolio Example 2

I had a quick listen to all of them, and honestly I don´t like that finger snap sound either. It sounds quite thin, dry and sticks out a little. I would change it for another lower pitch finger snap sound or maybe try to add some effects like chorus and reverb to make it less thin and more integrated in the mix.

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Not argue. otherwise, you will be included in the list of people who are constantly rejected even if their music meets all the requirements… And remove that click. He’s annoying.