Soft Reject - Neomi HTML template

Hello all,

When I first submitted my template I got soft rejected for this reason ONLY

“Item is far too similar to others in the same category, consider adding unique features to your template to make it more unique”

So I added more sections and some more pages then it got soft rejected for these reasons


So my question is does these reasons apply to all my pages and sections or just the newly added ones, so since the first time it was rejected just because it was too similar means that all my old sections and pages are good with spacing, typography and responsiveness.

I am just asking because it’s a big template with more than 80+ pages and it would be hard to recheck all these again specially with alignment.

So do the reviewers usually list all the reasons for soft rejected or they list it one by one when you resubmit

Thank you and hope I was clear enough

Just my opinion the best practice will be check your full template if there any issues exist focused by Item reviewer. Because to get approve full template qulaity in condition mean full template should meet the quality standard. I can guess first time reviewer focused the main principle issue when you fixed that then reviewer focused the rest issues which you should improve.


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Thanks for your advice, yeah I think what you said is the best way to go.

Thanks again

“Too similar” is a hard rejection and almost certainly means that the reviewer will not have looked at your item in any detail.

The feedback points refers to the entire template.

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Thanks Charlie for your help, I will take a look on the whole template, much appreciated