[Soft Reject] Need you help, friends

I had Soft Reject for my item.
I can’t understand what to do with this one “TYPOGRAPHY:The template’s overall typography isn’t yet ready. It needs improvements in the styles it offers and general visual hierarchy.”

Can anyone help me?

Demo is here demo

I think that your typography need better but I think that too small, regards.

Hello FairyTheme,

They might be referring to general CSS for Heading tags, Paragraph tags, and other general HTML. We checked in your demo and there are two h2 tags with two different stylings.

So in our point of view, you should add a general CSS for all necessary HTML tags first basically all heading tags, paragraph tags,ul, li, ol etc that will be useable in the templates and then if you want to provide the different stylings for same HTML tags that you have already provided general stylings then you can give a different selector for that element and provide the new styling for that selector separately.


Thanks, I will try

You need to follow this link for better typo on your website

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helpful info, thanks