[Soft Reject] Need suggestions



I’d like to ask suggestions from some gentle web designer about how to improve this PSD template.

I had this note in the email which is pretty generic, and any detailed suggestion or critic will be very appreciated.
Thank you for your time guys!

Your template has a good start but, as we have high standards, you will need to make some additional improvements in overall aesthetics and aspects such as graphics, layout, colors, etc. Overall template typography needs additional refinements and improvements before it will be ready for ThemeForest. Further, PSD templates category requires templates with higher quality in terms of design and aesthetically. It has to be pixel perfect, details, professional, unique, eye pleasing and balance.

All the software part is ready to be implemented with the design to make a new Wordpress theme out of it.
I really need to sort this out, so thank you again for any feedback you can give me.

Probably in my mind I already imagine the modules working and I can’t see it as it really appear for external eyes :smile:



Hello, it’s good design.
you start deleting some images-background, to lighten your design, giving breath to content … :slight_smile:


I think you should increase padding, choose better heading font, size


Very nice concept!


It’s really nice but do see room for improvements.

  • Spacing (padding) should be fixed around the sections. Too close together.
  • Fonts could use some improvement (as well colour, hard to read in some areas).
  • Personally, I feel it’s a bit dark, maybe lighten it a bit or create a lighter version?
  • Header could use some improvements. It doesn’t stand part enough from the background.

These are just my thoughts on it but overall, I think it’s a great attempt and has potential!

All the best, good luck!


Thanks everybody for the suggestions, I’ll definitely do a better version thanks to you guys!
If “font size apart” you have other suggestions regarding typography, which actually is my biggest doubt, i’d be glad to receive it :wink: Thanks!


I battle the same issues with typography. That’s why I ask our designer :smile:


I approve of your design.