Soft Reject | Need Help

Hello, by mistake I have uploaded the project to a different category instead of: Marketing > Landing Page. He is currently in the category: Site Templates.

My project is a landing page: Benchy

We created the project as a landing page without internal pages, what is normal for a landing page. It only has 4 pages. Here are the comments from the reviewer:

Consider including additional inner pages / features to make your item more appealing to potential buyers. As it stands, it still feels pretty unfinished / incomplete and does not offer much in comparison to other templates in the same niche category.
Please check your item carefully to make sure all reported issues were adequately addressed before resubmitting to avoid further delays in the review process.

Is it possible to change the category and move to Marketing > Landing Page ?
Or is it better to contact those support with such a question ?

Hi @George_Fx,

For changing Item category you have to open Support Ticket with explanation why you want to change category from ’ Marketing > Landing Page’ to ’ Site Templates’. Item reviewer will review your concern and if your demand logical then reviewer will change your Item category.


Thank you!