soft reject many times. some feedback don't relate to my theme


I’m new on ThemeForest. I uploaded success 3 theme to ThemeForest.
Recently, I have uploaded a new theme to ThemeForest.
First, I got soft reject: As higher quality items become available in the marketplace, approval requirements will increase to maintain appropriate marketplace quality.

I tried to increase to maintain appropriate marketplace quality. Then I upload again. Then I got feedback about the code. I continue feedback and upload for every time.
But seems, every time feedback is the new problem. I spent 10 times feedback.
I don’t know why I always get the new feedback code. Seems reviewed don’t check carefully and he sends to me some feedback every time.
I must lose 2 days for getting feedback and continue to get new feedback.
Please, give me advice.


Same situation was happened to my last HTML. It was rejected 6 times, every time with new reason, last time with a reason didn’t exist because was already fixed after last upload :confused:

They could write all reason firt time, in this way we would save a lot of time and work.

Today, I got a new feedback, which I fixed it before. I am confusing.

If a reviewer notices a problem 10% into the review process, then there’s not really any point in them reviewing the other 90% if they know they’re going to have to reject it. It’ll unnecessarily push up review times. That’s why they may pick up on certain issues, but not other ones that they haven’t had a chance to review yet.

Well, I’m assuming that’s how it works anyway… would make sense.