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I need help in jQuery.

  1. PARSEINT REQUIRES A RADIX: Please make sure you are supplying a radix for all parseInt().? please help me for this point

Nadir Ali

Hello Coco,

Here is my js code “var unitHeight = parseInt(height) + ‘px’;” how to change into radix parameter?

It should be:

var unitHeight = parseInt(height, 10) + ‘px’;

the before one is already this code “var unitHeight = parseInt(height, 10) + ‘px’;” but envato reviewer said

  1. PARSEINT: Please provide a radix parameter to all your parseInt methods

Search in all your custom JS files for “parseInt” and add “10” if you have missed someone

in custom js file i just found that line

if (parseInt($star_rating.siblings('input.rating-value').val()) >= parseInt($(this).data('rating')))
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Try with:

if (parseInt($star_rating.siblings('input.rating-value').val(), 10) >= parseInt($(this).data('rating'), 10))

Thanks man.