Soft Reject! I need help, please!


My theme was soft-rejected for this reason:

  1. Great start, but an overall look is not prominent enough and not prime-ready yet.

Any incomplete or not prime-ready, low quality or not unique enough theme might be hard rejected. You are simply reserving the queue with an incomplete submission and creating a review delays: Here are some resources for you:

As you can see they sent me a screenshot with the blog page, so my question is: I have to change the design of the entire website or I have to focus only on blog’s design?

P.S. : I think I should change only that page (the page from the screenshot), but I want to be sure, so please tell me your opinions.

Thank you!

Hello! You should provide a link to all your screens to get an adequate answer.
Best regards, Aspirity.

Hello! This is the link:

Thank you for reply!

I think that you should improve not only one page, because a see some issues in the other pages.
There are headings like buttons, it’s bad UX. And the line-height is too big.

Too much white space in the top of page

Button-like headings and troubles with spacing (too much white)

Best regards, Aspirity.

Hi there I just want to know Is your theme accepted now or they just hard rejected it?

It is still soft-rejected