Soft Reject - generic name

Does TF stop accepting themes from authors which do not sells on Envato Elements ? I add blog, waiting 34 days for review. Soft reject reasons was: generic name - memories. So I change it to - remembrance ( 0 results on TF ) … soft recject - generic name. So I change it to - recall ( 0 results on TF ) … soft reject - generic name. Should I create theme with: a2fx214 name ? I just delete theme and add it to other shops because it’s impossible to create good title for it on TF.

One month of waiting for review and such stupid reason to reject ?


Yeah! :expressionless: Common rejection reason these days.

But as I see, all big players (Power Elite authors) items are being accepted with any name(even if the name already exists on the market).

P.S: I also got soft rejected for this reason too. :expressionless:


Same here. And when I renamed and asked for further clarification all I got back was the same block of text copy and pasted with the same typos.

Makes it difficult to determine what I need to do to fix the issue since there doesn’t appear to be great documentation or resources anywhere.

As @ThemeSLR said - only Elite Authors can use generic names for themes ( and I check few last added themes ) - because generic names give more sales as they are more often displayed in search results. I use two names that have 0 results in search results, but they reject theme because generic name … and also, second reject reason … Title of theme include to much SEO - Recall - Clean WordPress Blog Theme For Travelers. Soo… I can add product but only when it won’t decrease sales for typical search results - that’s my only conclusion.