Soft reject from Reviewer "A". Approve from reviewer "B"

I have an item soft rejected by madeirense71. I fixed and uploaded theme then got soft reject from pasqualevitiello. Now , can theme approved by second reviewer (pasqualevitiello) or MUST be approved by first reviewer ?

Your item approved depending on your soft rejection issue fixing !!! not on Item Reviewer :slight_smile:

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It’s very boring. I don’t understand that why not approved today.
My issue was very small issue , so now I should wait 2 days for approving. :frowning:

if you fixed all issues focused by the reviewer(s) then your item can be approved by any reviewer who will review your submitted update. Also please note your item can be reviewed by first/2nd/any reviewer from the envato review team. I know it is very hard time when you have fixed all issues and waiting for your item review result, keep patience, hope you will get email soon.

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Thank you guys :slight_smile: