Soft Reject for the Documenation for Sketch Template

Comment from reviewer: ‘Hi, explain how to use your files in the documentation to approve your item, thanks’
What kind of information I have to include for this point for Sketch Template?
It’s just design without any coding.

my personal suggest contact with a Sketch Template author ask help about documentation.
If they help you then your problem will solved.
Or you can offer them as a paid task about documentation.


Each Item even it it PSD has its own features and style. So in documentation you have to mention how your customer will handle your PSD features and how to use the PSD.


I will make it easier for you. :slight_smile:

You don’t have to write tutorial how to use photoshop, only thing you should do is:

  1. if you have photos there as smart objects just explain for the customer that he should click twice on (and here is the name of the layer - for example “photo_edit”) this layer and put his photo and then close document approving the changes.

  2. Fonts - give links for free fonts used in the project and show how to install them in the system

  3. Changing colors - for example you made mask to edit color for some elements, show your customer where are those mask and how to use them

4… 5 … 6 … and so on

So this is about some features in your design :slight_smile: not full instruction how to use photoshop, someone who buy your item know photoshop - just show them sweets you put there and where they are :slight_smile: and that’s it :slight_smile: