Soft Reject for Brand Name - Suggest something!

I use name “EduJoker” I get 2 soft reject for the name, can you please help me?
What I need to change? Just Title or I need to change all code brand name like “prefix_”

I can change from „EduJoker“ to „Edu Joker“ - its ok this version? Screenshot is from Envato Review.

Version2 „Ioan Joker“ my Name and keyword Joker.

Thank You

  1. Again, no modified keywords in item names. This has been mentioned several times before -
    Combination of keywords, Target-audience, categories, abbreviation and subjective word(s) are NOT ALLOWED as item names. ( example: Magazine, XMagazine, MagazineX, etc.)
    Author can always use the title description to further describe the item and list the keywords as tags.

No you can’t keep that joker word in your item name.
Keep a unique name hope your item will approved.
And the name edu is already used in lot’s of item.

Hope you understand

Thank You, Edu use more people on ThemeForest.
Can i use „Edu Home“ what do you say?

EduHome is already exist
I’m not sure about edu home but you can try with submission
let see what say about it envato reviewer team

you can avoid it & keep a unique name


Please use any unique name you already got 2 times soft reject for name.
Edit - sorry! forget about Combination of keywords are not allowed as item names.


can I use “KBOOM” ? its a unique.
And I need to change just Title name and Preview image? or I need to change all prefix in the template?

Just my personal opinion will not be acceptable because there are many items named alike Boom. you have to maintain unique. Now a Days envato giving more attention on name and many Items got warning from envato to change their item name/title. Thanks

I think you can use KBOOM

THX, I see to much Template with name BOOM over 10…and bad ratings some…
I chose for “Lernen” English Learning, it’s unique name and not in use.

Question, I need to change just Title name and Preview image right? The Folder & Theme Prefix don’t need? because it’s much work.

you have to change name everywhere(item title, preview image, in full download including documentation mean everywhere you used) you use the old name

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yes you can use that

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THX @mgscoder & @unlockdesign for suggest. I am working on rebranding and the last 3 Point from Review. I hope this time I will succeed!


Theme & name approved “Lernen” THX @unlockdesign @mgscoder for support!