Soft reject. Error in the title. Need your help

Dear colleagues! Please, help.
I uploaded the track to AJ and inadvertently indicated my nickname in the title of the track. Of course, a soft rejection was received. I’m trying to change the name of the item. But when the changes are made, and the item is sent for reconsideration, I again see the old name in which there are no changes. I’m afraid the job will be rejected again.
Can you please tell me if my worries are in vain or have I made a mistake?

if the item is revised, then the old name is temporarily left

Thanks, zigro! You calmed me down

Making changes after submitting a file confuses me a lot. Very unintuitive

6 days?

At that time, I had to wait 5 days for the name to be revised. A small mistake brought a problem and wasted time :neutral_face: