Soft reject. Don’t hardcode search forms.

Hi everyone.
I’ve got soft reject for WP with this comment:

1. Add your search forms using function instead of hard-coding the form.

I understand that I can use searchform.php to pull the form from there. But I have few different forms in a theme. They all have different classes. For example I have navigation form with .nav-search class and mobile form with .nav-mobile-search class. How to achieve it?


use filter get_search_form
here is simple example

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This will generate one search form. But I need 2 with different classes. So I can use them in different locations. I guess it can be achieved with a function args. Something like:

get_search_form( first_form );

get_search_form( second_form );

You can use the conditions inside the function

Or use global variable.

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