Soft Reject - Do not understand reason

  1. There may still be unescaped strings. It’s best to do the output escaping as late as possible, ideally as data is being outputted. Example(s): and more.

How can I escaped this later then here … strip_tags is wrong at all ?


I change it to wp_kses … will see what reviewer will say

This annoys me as hell
In my themes I often use in functions return esc_html__ and then just do echo my_func_name() … and they still tell me to escape this. WTF ? Just imagine what a stupid waste of server resources this is, considering that 90% of customers use cheap shared hosting.
Now imagine that I have a function that generates some html, and i filter it trough wp_kses, where I should allow absolutely all tags and data attributes theme may have, this will literally kill server, as wp_kses is one of the most expensive function ever created :slight_smile:

But only way to go is do whatever reviewer says. Hope they will accept your edit

Agree … and second thing is:

REQUIRED: You are not allowed to hide the admin bar.

For me this is bug of theme check plugin as I do not hide admin bar anywhere, I just use :


to check if user hide admin bar in wp-admin … if yes, I can move top menu up or down. Of course I can do it by jQuery but why if WP have that kind of option…

I had this too, it was because of some css related to admin bar,
Try searching if you have any css related to admin bar
upd: I wasn’t hiding it, i was moving my sticky menu top:30px when admin bar is displayed

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I got next strange soft reject:

  1. A sidebar display on a front page: but it doesn’t on the inner pages
  2. URL for admin is wrong define( ‘OPTIONS_FRAMEWORK_DIRECTORY’, get_template_directory_uri() . ‘/admin/’ );

ad1) Why … because there are two sidebars - different for main page and users can set different widgets on single post and pages …

ad2) Because I just named folder with .js files that make some changes in admin “ADMIN” … it’s not correct ? I should change it to “stuff” ?

I start thinking that they do everything to not accept theme :slight_smile: Two sidebars are not accepted ? In my older themes they were… also “admin” folder was always accepted.

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