Hello Authors,

Can some one help me about, CSS TABLE OF CONTENTS issue, my template is soft rejected 3 time with the same issue, even i have follow the guideline given by reviewer, can any one please suggest me where is the mistake which i have done.

Hers is my master Css file

and this is template css file :

Please Help me out

I don’t understand why you need to separate the table of contents into a new CSS file. Can you try adding your Table of contents into your style.css file? So that you only used 1 CSS file. That might be the reason of your rejection.

And try your Table of Contents to be more clearer and simple, like

1 Body
	2 Header
	3 Main Slider
	4 Theme Heading

I hope that helps! :slight_smile:

Thank you @codeex i will apply you suggestions

If anyone is still looking for a solution, I released a node module to auto generate the table of contents:

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