[Soft Reject] - compressed JS doesn't appear to match your source JS

I have submitted HTML site template for review. I got two soft rejections. After suggested changes when I submitted files again, reviewer gave me following reason for third soft rejection:

“Your compressed JS doesn’t appear to match your source JS. Please update this before resubmitting.”

I checked my files but I don’t understand where is the mismatch.

I’m using gulp and files are compressed by gulp. Only mismatch I could find was the sequence of functions in js. But this was automatically done by Gulp.

I have already submitted files again with my comments. But, reviewer has not replied since more than 30 hours. What should I do now?

Is it to do with the source map that’s generated? I don’t know about JS so much, but this happens a lot with sass. I could occur if extra code is inserted after the source map is generated. Sometimes it’s down to the tool. I would check in chrome dev tools - sources.