Soft Reject! Can u help me please. Need your feedback please.



This is Wordpress template. Guys could you give some feedback what can be done. I am new on TF.
Overall, this is a good concept but there are a couple issues here:

Minimal templates can be clean and simple when you manage to handle the white space and details to provide a simple but yet unique template. But if you can’t, it will look like an incomplete template – blank template.

In this case, the submitted template is more like a ‘framework’ than a full fledged design. If you’re going with minimalism, you need to make sure all the little details check out.

Please note, you must make the required fixes or improvements before resubmitting for re-review. By not doing so, repeated resubmissions without changes may be considered abuse of the review system and your submitting rights may be disabled.

Thank you in advance!


you are lucky to have it as “Soft” rejected, i will suggest : avoid using repeating images, stylize or decrease the weight of icons at top bar, they look very ugly right now, PT sans isnt merging well with oswald headings, maybe try open sans with lighter weight. some UX work is required for main sections of website specially slider, looks little dated with very static outlook.


nice design mr @WACstudio i can’t find any layout error


Thank you FinsStudio for your detailed feedback I will definitely take it in account!


Thank you vinirama!


Guys could you tell me what kind of improvements the reviewers are expecting, so far I could not get them, their feedback sounds to generic for me :slight_smile:


i can be wrong,
maybe the author thinks you’re web layout is like plugin/framework grid demo,
and author want to be clean it means you’re web design too crowded for minimal templates


This comment is a generic one which goes to say that you dont have any layout issues and there are no issues of padding spacing and alignment ie framework is good but the content lacks the premier look because of the way typography is used and I dont find anything unique or a WOW factor. No one can help you in that because that is what a new theme is supposed to bring in. You need to check out the approved(not just any approved as some are junk but really classy) themes and see how typo is used. Also take good care of the above fold area, at present it is as boring as it can get.
All the best.


Any other opinions/understanding about what can be done to meet Envato expectation reading their feedback?
A big thank you to all who replied, really useful.