Soft reject, but why?

Just made my first big sound effects pack and had a big punch in my face with soft reject suggesting me to delete almost half of my material because of “many of these files are very close variations”.
Comment like this just making me a little bit upset.

And some words about my pack.
Isn’t it normal to have variations for interface sounds if you are buying a sound effects pack for multi use (especially for game making or film production)?

Also maybe it is just misunderstanding from my side and i just need to make a propper naming instead of “pack name - # of file”?

Any help and feedback will make me understand this situation a little bit clearer.

Well… although I’m sure all of these sound fx are somewhat different, they do sound really similar. Just crosscheck all of them and delete the ones that are most similar, problem solved!

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New version and new reject. Are they kidding me?
I uploaded totaly different sounds, but they want me to leave just 10. I cant afford that. Maybe it is better to upload all this sounds as little packs of 5-10 items per pack?

It does sound like the same synth patch over and over. Maybe they have a point?

Reviewers judge from the point of pack usability for buyers in this case. I agree that 10 variations of similar fx would be enough. Better to follow their suggestion. Or if you want to upload a big pack, just dilute these ones with various kinds of another futuristic interface sounds.

In fact, it is better to listen to the preview requirements. They are professionals.

I would suggest making the watermark softer, so you’re featuring the sounds and not the watermark! Even if it were quite a bit softer, no one could steal your sounds.