Soft reject again... :( need some help

Got soft reject again… :frowning: followed all the steps and fix all the layouts but still the review team are not satisfied with my update. I simply don’t understand what i need to do more or what i am missing to fix on my theme


Below are the list of points they outline for me to fix. Can anyone help me out what i need to change more.

  1. Too much space between the menu and dropdown’s

  2. Make this more prominent:

  3. Content is too lite and icons are not the best choice:

  4. Content here is also too lite:

  5. Needs whole lot of work:

  1. Not aligned:

  2. Not vertically aligned:

  3. Admin’s box is not prominent enough:

  4. Forms are too generic:

Anyone willing to help me.

Wow man tough, so tough on you.