Soft reject again ... again...with the issue may not by my theme

Today, we got soft reject again on my resubmitted.

We run Theme Check three times again… but we didn’t see the issue like the reviewer report
Have you experience with this? Please advice !!!

Otherwise, our theme was base on Unyson framework. Please tell me what wrong with the prefix on my theme. Such as:


this is my first WP theme on TF
Please Advice
Thanks in Advances

When you are running Theme check make sure, WP_DEBUG mode is set to “true”

Your theme does not have pagination for comments (which is the core WordPress function). Without this function some options of the WordPress will not work (I’m talking about comments settings). Open TwentySixteen (for example) and you’ll see how you need to use it. Or go to the WordPress Codex (ex. )

As for prefixes, use unique prefixes. $unyson_theme_ - isn’t unique. Example: $my_awesome_theme_var or $themehot_themename_var (or something else).