[Soft Reject] 4 times soft reject. I need help, please!

Hey Everyone,

I correct the various problems they reported.
I tested the theme with different browsers and I have not encountered problems.

Last soft reject the reviewer wrote me the following problem:

  • This is a ‘template’, not a ‘theme’.

Can anyone help me understand what it means?

What changes can I make to the theme before send it back?
Design side they have said nothing to correct only reduce the animations and have already made this change.
Can I return the same theme by asking evaluators to give me more information?

I am a bit stuck at the moment and I do not know how to continue to make this product online in the store. :cold_sweat:

This is my link theme : HERE

Thanks so much :smile:

Maybe because it doesn’t have internal links. It’s like html not theme.

For example where it should be inserted an internal link?

This is HTML Template not a theme. If this is WordPress then it would be called a theme. If that’s the only problem, then resubmit it and change the name to for example Brueli - HTML Template.

thanks for the answers.

Yes this is an HTML Template.
The project title is Brueli - template. I will add HTML template.
I noticed that in the description I wrote accidentally theme. Perhaps the problem is there.

Thanks so much