Soft Reject 2x - Feedback Please?

I need some criticism for my template that has been soft rejected twice. Here is my original design:
enter link description here

1st Soft Reject Response:

  1. Minimal templates are acceptable, however they must be clean and simple - with all white space and details handled with care. Everything must be pixel perfect and the core elements such as typography must carry the character of your design. This item requires additional attention and development before it can successfully compete on ThemeForest as a minimal design.

==> update: fixed general

  1. The scrolling animations are currently quite heavy. Just because animations are available doesn’t necessarily mean they should be used all the time. Consider if your animations are being over-used.

==> update: remove unnecessary animation,

  1. There are spacing and alignment issues throughout this item. Please take a moment to make sure that all elements are aligned perfectly and everything is spaced consistently from section to section.

==> update: fixed align and space, from section to section consistently. (Features section),

  1. Unfortunately, we were unable to approve your submission because your files were inaccurately represented as responsive and fails to implement the feature up to ThemeForest standards. Please take a moment to make sure that your design implements the feature well for mobile devices as well.

==> update: fix on mobile and runs smoothly

So I made my changes and read the above tut (very informational). Here is my update:
enter link description here

And then I resubmitted for review… Although what I had thought was a great improvement, I then received the following response:

Second Soft Reject Response:

This is a resubmission of a previously rejected submission. Resubmitting without making the required changes or any improvements is not considered acceptable use of the Envato marketplaces and repeated attempts may result in a temporary or permanent suspension of authorship.

I’m not trying to sit here and whine and cry… I just need another set of eyes here to improve my design. I strongly believe criticism is for the best and I appreciate the feedback and do listen to all feedback. I know the reviewers can’t sit there and explain the details in extent so this is why I am asking for some feedback.

Hi… .Looks really nice!! One issue I found on the menu was here:

  1. I was trying to access the top menu and it does not work…
  2. Also under the “Pricing” boxes where you have “Professional” and have “Best Value”… Perhaps you could put that on the side of “Professional” with either a different color or make it bold… It looks as if the typography is misaligned…
  3. On the blog… the nomenclature “Home / Blog / Single” is on the side of the Guitar and not sure if that is supposed to be there… it does look a little out of place…

Of course this is just somethings that I noticed about the template…

Otherwise I think that it looks pretty nice…


thank you so much for your advice :slightly_smiling:

no one else to help me?
pleaseee heil meeeeee!

Keen improving it and making it better. I’m up to my 4th soft reject right now. Don’t worry :slight_smile: just keep making it better.

thanks guy!
but I do not know what to change exactly where, that’s the worrying :frowning: