Soft, Hard or Approved to PSD category?

hey everyone i need your opinion.
whether to continue the design or is it hard, I want to try in the category PSD

If it’s not hard, tell me what to fix to approved

There are lots of problem in your item bro. I am going to be direct.

  1. There is a typographic hierarchy problem in your design.
  2. The chosen color palette is not so good.
  3. Background images are not quite nice.
  4. Some sections are overlapped.

Try to fix these and create something fresh, creative and unique. Cheers. :slight_smile:

No one can’t give you guaranty that you template will approved.
if your item maintain Enavto Themeforest quality standard then your item will approved.


Yep, thnx bro. this is what i need

And you can explain what it means “a typographic hierarchy problem in your design.” Maby you have example ?

Take a look at these articles -

Thanx man.

What do you think now?

Increase line-height of body text and headings.

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Hey man, how are you?
Check full design concept and give feedback please!

  1. Increase body text line height.
  2. Increase typographic hierarchy in sections like footer section.
  3. Increase space among sections. Try to put padding more than 80px per section and 60px per element.