My item has DISABLED due to Visual Composer 4.7.4 has not been Set in Attribute section. OMG is this joke? My email has checked recently and today it’s soft disabled.

Only one Attribute not set can Disable Currenly selling items? Come on it’s really not eco market.


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That’s because Visual Composer 4.7.4 update is an important security fix. Envato notified authors that they will soft-disable items that didn’t update VC to 4.7.4 until Oct 08.

I have already updated theme versions yesterday and fixed issue, but not selected only Attribute on Item profile. Is that attribute check can Disable the Item?

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Guess not having checked it on your items settings signals that you did not update or do not intend to, hence the soft disable. Hope you are able to get it sorted out :no_mouth:

It was clearly mentioned in the notification email to select the attribute.

I already updated my item but forget to check in item details and now soft disabled. This is not good, customers begin to send emails like this - and review is still waiting.

Same here, it seems we have missed the Envato email notification on 5th october. They should atleast give a week, like their support replies.

I didn’t receive an email. :smile:

We did selected the Visual Composer attribute when updating, still soft disabled. Awesome Envato!

Hahaahaha. It was a security issue so they acting fast. Reputation at stake. :smiley:

Maybe you updated theme first and then changed attribute? Email from envato clearly mentions that you should update attribute first.

I update the attribute first nothing happened. Still waiting for review 5 hours left and very funny peoples keep asking for the theme. I don’t understand why it is still waiting for review like first time upload.

Same here.

No, we did as advised by Envato. :slight_smile:

Envato hear us!!

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Hi everyone,

A handful of authors have had items soft-disabled (forum announcement pending) due to the security vulnerability discovered in Visual Composer that has since been fixed. On Monday (Oct 5) we notified all affected authors and provided clear update instructions along with a 72 hour required update grace period.

This is pretty standard operating procedures for security issues like these and a quick update to your item will have it re-enabled. Thanks!

If it’s only handful of authors, then please expedite the approval process because it has been more than 6 hours after re-submission and the items are still not approved.

I should clarify, a “handful” of authors can still be several hundred or more in a community of 6 million members. :wink:

Having said that, we have been prioritising Visual Composer updates since Monday. The remainder of those updates that were already queued will be processed first, followed by resubmissions of the soft-disabled items.

Update : Thanks to Matthew, it is now available.