Social Share Buttons with MySQL Count

Maybe I’m missing something obvious, but couldn’t social share buttons be created, with a counter, that run local to a website? I don’t see anything out there to do this (unless I’m just missing it). I hate using sharethis and like companies because it just bogs my site’s speed down.
Sharing for each social network is as easy as this (found with a google search):

Share us on

So now… why not just replace the hyperlink with images and then each time the image is clicked, it gets recorded in my own mysql database and the count gets displayed on my page, above the social icon, in a jquery popup of some sort.
Unfortunately, I don’t have the programming skills to do this but it seems strange that I’m not seeing it developed anywhere. Is there more to it that I’m not seeing?

Actullay, to store click count on your mysql db is not feasible solution. Suppose user click on social link image and could will store on your DB but mean while net connection gone then social network site count and your db count would be different. Thats why nobody store counts on their db.

Yes, you can speed up social networking site sharing by just using specific url with specific social networking image instead of using or site.

Please let me know if you need help for the same.

Hi Mage,
Not quite sure what you mean. I’m talking about a scenario where the image and the count are local to the website. If the net connection is gone… no big deal, even if it didn’t get posted on the social network in that instance. The count still gets stored and cookie created (or whatever method - so a guest can’t keep hitting it and increasing the count) and the count is reflected on the page. Another benefit to website owners is they could pad their social stats via mysql (as far as appearance goes).

All that said… I figured out a great solution for my sites, in creating a social counter php page in my website root that has share this icons on it. I then use echo $_SERVER[“HTTP_REFERER”] in content= for og:url. In this way, I can use iframe to embed on each wordpress post, it loads last on the page, doesn’t bog my site down anymore (who cares if it takes a while if it’s loading last) and… I can even pad my stats now. The only downside is that I don’t control those counts. If sharethis ever gets messed up and all counts go to zero, I am out of luck (as is normally the case with sharethis).

So… I still maintain that a developer that creates a solution for local website owners to do this without dependence on a third party site (sharethis, add this, etc) would have a pretty popular item on his hands. If I understood jquery at all, I’d build it but I just do a little php and that’s it.

Thanks for your thoughts though. Appreciate it!