Social Reach

Hi everyone.

I wanted some help regarding this theme (Social Reach from SkyWorriors).
This theme has previously been sold on ThemeForest but recently has been removed. Lately, I have found the theme, which is sold on the author’s site, but before I buy it from them I wanted to know why this theme has been removed from ThemeForest. Is there any particular reason maybe security or major reason?


Why you don’t ask author he will tell you maybe. I don’t think so that you get any response about that from Themeforest.

thanks zaccc.
Prior to asking this question here i did ask the seller but they said that wanted to sale from their site only. I asked them if the site was removed from any security reasons, but since then they haven’t came back with another anwer.

In many cases developer is decide to sell plugins or templates over own website because envato is take big fees for them. At the end developers are working for peanuts and every one support for 5 min and that is all working great etc.