Social Networks and entrepeneur attitude

This is just a personal experience and I hope it can help.

Sometimes we ask ourselves how to improve sales and I believe that part of the answer is “having an entrepeneur attitude” outside of this always positive but “limited” environment.
Here, we can interact with other artists, even have a nice feedback from potential customers, which are seeking the best music to fit in their projects.
But, what about youtube? is it useful? what about linkedin? useful? Usually, when I read about this topic here, I see a “vague” response about it, and the general appreciation is that it’s really hard to get sales through this way. And I think it’s true in some way: it’s really difficult understand that someone it’s going to buy your track because you shared this on your social networks…
But today, I sold a track to someone to whom I had sent a personal letter before, announcing my personal youtube channel with my licensable music and my portfolio.
What does this mean?
You can have a wonderful youtube channel, you can share your tracks by your social networks, and if you have hundreds of professional contacts on linkedin maybe this could give you some extra sales outside from this amazing website… but you can get the real point gathering lots of email adresses and design a nice personal letter to producers, showing your portfolio and promising a future growing and improvements of your work quality.
A nice letter that “potentially” can do a very personal bound with your potential buyer…
Go to google and do a research of audiovisual producers, filmmakers and other companies, create your own Excel list of potential buyers including the email and send to them a good letter with your portfolio and your youtube channel. And specially, make grow this “special bounds” with these professionals which was showing interest in your work.
it’s hard? yes!
it’s possible? absolutely yes!

Well, this is my thinking and experience, I hope it’s useful :slight_smile:
What is yours??
Sorry for my english
Good luck to all! :smiley:


+1 :+1:Excellent article @MusicLFiles ! You are absolutely right and it is up to us to acquire new customers and to bring more traffic to our channel but also to the Audiojungle!
We just need to spend a little more time organizing a customized clientele that suits our portfolio.


Thanks @MusicLFiles, for the advice and encouragement. I guess I always assumed that production companies will already have there “go to” places to get their music already, and that it’s just our luck if we get picked. But the fact that we can reach out to people on a more personal level can definitely take things more worthwhile and rewarding. Once you have the infrastructure set up it doesn’t take much time to email people. This is how I get gigs for my band but I think I will apply it here now also.

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Guys, do you use any “mail marketing platform tools” like “mailchimp” for this job? or you just send personal emails on each potential customer?

Usually personal emails… but also mailing list… I’m going to share my stuff here… maybe it can be useful :smiley:

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Hey @artsygoat. I usually just do personal emails as I heard that if I send out mass emails, they go straight into peoples junk folder. I just see it as doing admin. Get some tunes on and send emails for a couple of hours. I can send out hundreds of emails and only get a few replies but that’s just the nature of it. I use google sheets to keep spreadsheets of contacts for future use, and google docs to keep my generic emails.


Thanks for your answer @GavinJack! Very helpful tips! I have tried both ways and for sure personal email is the most moral way of approaching the potential customer but perhaps even more time-consuming!
I need to open more jobs for artsygoat productions because someone else has to do the dirty work hahahaha :sweat_smile::disappointed_relieved: