Social Network Charging System

#wowonder #pixelphoto

I would like to suggest you to some developer to create a plugin based on content charging. Very useful to Wowonder and PixelPhoto.

It will be able to monetize the content of social network.

Example: This script will be divided into 2 categories.

  • Free Users
  • Paid User

Free User:
1 Publication per day;
1 picture per day;
Not able to Publish videos;
Not able to visualize videos;
Read and write unlimited comments on every publishing;
No private messages;

Paid User:
Unlimited publications per day, including videos;
Unlimited video visualizations;
Read and write unlimited comments;
Unlimited private messages;

You should also set your configurations changing these restrictions according to your need.

I may be interested in this job as freelance work but this one would require lots of work at least couple of months if it’s from scratch - would effect the total cost, not sure if you have the budget.

I am not looking a freelancer. It’s a suggestion for someone who want to develop and sell.
I would be the first to buy.

This is not a problem to manage with WordPress, few paid plugins and some customization.
Apart from that, it’d take lots of time to build it and I don’t think anyone would be interested in.

Do you think rather than use Wowonder or PixelPhoto script, i choose a Wordpress Social Network (Olympus or Cirkle) it should be easiest to develop the restriction system that i want?

No idea. I gotta check their systems first for few hours.

Would you mind doing this?

For a paid job/service, I wouldn’t mind but I don’t think you’re interested in