Social Media Post Design isn't at the quality standard required to move forward

I received an email saying my social media template isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward. I want to know what the problem is with my design. I also uploaded flyers and they got hard rejected.
Could somebody please help?

With respect there’s a consistent issue with design basics in all of them esp with hierarchy and typography, plus if you take out the hero images/assets then there is not much left to the designs, but in particular:

  1. Typography does not work, there is far too much text for a social post, margins around copy are inconsistent, plus there is no real ‘design’ to this that could not be done in minutes

  2. Very basic, and typography could be improved

  3. As with first one - too much copy, outside margins are inconsistent, and the shapes top and bottom feel quite random

  4. Is the best of the bunch but the hierarchy between the title and the smaller image needs to be handled carefully

  5. Construction is messy and a lot going on without much obvious value to elements like the line

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