So, WHEN more authors from Market to Elements ?

Stock music business comes from subscription plans, so when will Envato invite more creators to Elements ?
I’ve put a lot of energy into building a portfolio of almost 300 items, but the market is dying… when will there be more action from ENVATO?

I know of exceptional composers who were not invited, both with portofio of 40 items, and of 1200 items… while mediocre composers were invited a few years ago, I really don’t understand the envato criteria

Thank you


They don’t want to grow faster than the customer base, so that everyone ends up earning nothing. Just like in the marketplace.

Very good decision for the authors already in. New items from already accepted authors likely outgrow the growth in customer base already, so new authors are really not needed.


It’s difficult to complete main task of that action, many authors are bored beside of previous version.

Really great question. I’m also very interestd by joining Elements but I totally understand the economy rules behind it.

I’m with Motion Array, which was a really lucrative platform. Now like the rest, it’s just dying. Of course some making some really great earning, but it’s ended by having few DL from time to time. Paid with cents.

Most important is to keep to dig time in your portofolio, spread everywhere which is not stock. Youtube, Tik Tok, Instagram. One day those platform will take the lead with music, and same as Elements or stuff like that, the first ones are the one who will make it. There’s opportunity everywhere with your music, if you can’t rely on stock site, make them alive there to trigger some side money from time to time, and look for those new way to consume music. And maybe with luck it can ended by become someting great. I don’t have any expectation, but no doubt about that all my music has ot stay alive, the oldest one ,and the new one which will come.


Hey thank you so much man! yep I want upload all my portfolio on youtube, do you know other ways to insert music in a ‘youtube royaltyfree network?’

and also, do you think that my por tfolio is ready for motionarray? thank you

Envato’s invitation of new creators to Elements is based on various factors and internal criteria. While it’s frustrating to see some exceptional composers not invited, Envato’s selection process can be influenced by multiple considerations. Unfortunately, there’s no specific timeline for when they will invite more creators. Keep an eye on Envato’s updates for potential opportunities in the future.

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thank you isabella!

I think these days they sometimes invite a few authors in niche styles, just to fill a few holes in what’s available on elements.

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