So what is the reason of rejection?

Can reviewers spare us a minute to state the exact reason in emails for rejection, while our many hours are wasted?
And they want us to spend few more hours to understand the reason behind rejection, this is very frustrating you know.

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Hello and welcome to Envato Forums,

Usually if an item is not good enough with the current standards, it receives a hard rejection. But, can you please post a url to your demo to take a look? (or, if you don’t have a demo url, can you please describe your rejected item)?

Maybe we can give you some advice.

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Hi i posted the demo link in next reply to my topic, but it was held for approval.
Item title was: VirusTital Scanner

imghostr do. com /vt-scanner/
I have disabled some features in demo.

Thanks for checking.

demo account

email: admin at admin com
password admin

Was kind of waiting for the advise, but i guess i need to find some other platform. bye bye envato i really appreciate the effort you put in ignoring the users.

Hello. My plugin for WordPress - WatchMan-Site7 (v.3.0.0) was rejected 4 times. The reason - does not match the quality. But I do not understand - why?

  1. Reference to an earlier version:
  2. Access the demo:
    To enter the admin panel:
    login: user1
    pwd user1
    Thank you in advance.

good luck with that.

So I decided to open source it. Thanks Envato for being too helpful.