So What About this PokeMon Go?

I caught this the other day. Those folks at Nintendo must be having a wonderful time right now :smiley:


I’m already seeing that many people will die because of this. Running in front of cars and whatnot, because all they do is to look at the screen because it’s augmented reality. As if people crossing roads with their eyes at the screen texting and tweeting and Facebooking or whatever wasn’t enough. Sigh.

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I don’t know if I need to laugh or to cry…


Oh nooo :(( You drive and hunt pokemons in the same time? That’s dangerous: :scream:


Argentina is on my wish list. Thank for information :slight_smile: i’ll be in touch when i’ll be there


I know right?

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Pretty accurate if you ask me.:slight_smile:



I’ve found some article reflecting some of my thoughts about this global mania:

Personally my latest digital game addiction was Tetris of Spectrum era (ah, and Bomberman of Sega era, yes, it was! :smiley: ). I never was interesting of pokemen meaning them just as a virtual sublimatic offspring of the culture where most people are not allowed to have real pets.

So I cannot judge about which part of described are true facts and which are conspirology insinuations.

I just translate a few quotes:

" - The developer of game is Niantic Labs, the inner start-up of Google.

  • Niantic was built up by John Hanke, who also has founded Keyhole, Ink - the mapping project, bought by Google as a base to create Google-maps, Google-Earth, Google-streets.
  • Keyhole, Ink was sponsored by In-Q-Tel venture fund, which is the fund of CIA officially founded at 1999,

By those Google applications was solved the full refreshing mapping of the whole planet, including roads, military bases, our towns, streets, cars, faces…

Only one “problem” was still not solved: how to look inside, into our houses, flats, rooms, undergrounds, hidden in leaves, caserns, state departments and so on…"

“Niantic officially warn you in game agreement: “We are collaborating with state structures and private companies and we are able to share with them any info about you and your children”…”

“Point 6: “our application is not able to make the “Do not track” request of your brouser”. So everything is tracking.”

“So if someone will be interesting in what is going on at any place of the Earth, it’s enough to set Pikachu somewhere near…”

I didn’t recheck the facts above, as I said, I never pet any monsters in my pocket (and in my balls) to grow.
But it’s not a bad food for boiling from that side of view, isn’t it? :smiley:

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Oh yes, exactly!

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I’ve been playing Pokémon GO pretty hardcore now
for the past 48 hours or so, at least whenever the servers have decided
to work. I have a bunch of 500+ CP Pokemon and have won and lost three
gyms at this point. I’ve tried to do some research to improve my game,
and what I’ve found are things that I wish I’d known from the start.

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No no no.
Make music for Audiojungle. Pokemons is evil :smiling_imp:

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Is not :smiling_imp: , even is good :innocent:.
At me a pokemon was on the church.

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With all my respect, I really wonder why on earth an individual wants to play something like this Non-Sense. Pure Waste Of Time for nothing.

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Haha! I never played this game :stuck_out_tongue: and I don’t want to, just a waste of time.

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That happened to me too once, in a McDonalds. I was waiting for my daughter to finish the school and everyone in that place was looking at their phone :))

So I wanted to come back to the real life and I started to look around, I studied the people faces, look though the window, study the sky, read the quotes displayed on the walls, just…you know…anything but not the phone screen.

But then, I saw people were looking at me so I started to stare to the phone too, to be like others :slight_smile: I felt embarrassed. :slight_smile:

Virtual reality is the new era :slight_smile:



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