So unhappy with Evanto's help

After buying Eventium - Responsive Event WordPress Theme, I had some problems installing the Theme, because it was not as I bought it. Evanto sent me directly to the creator, the one takes so long to answer (when he does) and just say to read the documentation. I followed the documentation, and doing it step by step as it says, I still do not get the theme as I bought.
I installed everything and I imported the demo, but it’s empty. I just see the footer (end of the page) similar as it was on the site, but the rest, is empty, and I cannot install neither the Calendar of the site because it has not that option.
What do you recommend me to do? That calendar was the main thing, but I would like to have everything as at the site.
Thank you

Installation is not included in item support

No WordPress theme will look like the demo ‘out of the box’. It will always require you to add demo content to achieve that. Unfortunately, that is basic WP functionality.

The item will have either XML demo import or one-click and I would expect the process for installing this to be there?

Please note: demo content often will not include images(license restrictions).

That all said if it is this item then the author is claiming ‘Free Theme Install and setup’. Technically they are not allowed to do that but if they are going to put it on the item page then the least they should do is honor it.