So this is hard reject (?)

Link to track:

Of course, I am not experienced enogh in electronic music, but it is definitely much easier to do than epic cinematic. Also in the past I’ve been uploading a lot of frankly non-commercial sounding tracks or non-professional ones. Is it a coincidence that I came across a strict review or the track is really so unsuitable for sale?

Hey there,

I am also still learning the review rejection mentality and try to understand what works and what not, so my feedback is just a personal guess!

  • The mix seems a bit unbalanced, while the bass is too loud, in my opinion.
  • Maybe it’s also that you tried to push the loudness quite over the top, which also makes the bass a bit muddy, maybe. You have some points which even reach 17 LU in loudness, while having true peak clips of around 0.6 dBTP - I am not sure, if the reviewers also look at that, but I noticed it while analysing your audio. I always try to not make the material too loud, since I hope that quality matters more than loudness. :wink:
  • The beat elements could also be a bit louder and brighter compared to the other voices, in my opinion.
  • The “quality guide” says to “come to the point quickly”. You intro is about 30 seconds long with a rather repetitive sound. Maybe more evolution in the intro or a shorter intro would have been better to the reviewer?

Again: I am just guessing. I am looking forward to what other authors say!

My tracks were always too quiet in comparison to market. It is not about LUFs when you make pop on audiojungle,- so i thought. Overall review was helpful and pretty comprehensive, thanks