So many Rejections :( please help

Hello to everyone. :slight_smile:I am new in this forum and new to the licensing music.Actually i am not new in music ,i have two personal albums out so far and now i am getting ready my third,but i am only one year interesting for music licensing.I dont wont to be boring so i just need some help from you guys…
I have 8 tracks so far in AudioJungle but most of my tracks rejected and i mean many tracks.I am trying to find why…??? here is one of my rejection.

Can you please tell me what i am doing wrong?
Thank you so much Guys for your help and i am really glad to be here with all of you.

Oh my NO reply…is it so bad track??? :slight_smile: :frowning:

I am not an expert at this genre (at all), but the track sounds very nice! Great guitar skills, arrangement and mood. Really don’t know why it was rejected. Maybe other authors can help you with some tips, but to me it is a really nice summer/ travel/ family/ corporate track :+1:

While I would use the song myself and I don’t hear much that is technically unappealing about the piece, besides maybe that it’s lacking richness in the low frequencies, what I have found recently is that AJ has become more picky about accepting genres of songs that have already been uploaded many times even if they sound good. If I were looking through a sea of songs to buy one, I don’t see much about yours that would stand out.

So mostly I think the problem is that there are already many many other songs on AJ with the same kind of happy repetitive guitar chords and yours just isn’t unique enough. But the quality is good, there have been recent trends among consumers pushing for organic media products, so it’s good that you put effort into a round robin effect and probably good that you were able to capture some of the fret noises and over/under pronounced plucks.

Thank You Phrea Spirit for your reply.
Well i am not expert myself too in that genre and now for some weeks i made some tracks like that (i mean populate style)for AJ and no one of them get the way to sell ,they all rejected.I am really want to find why, so i can work on the problem.Thank you so much.

Thank you so much SoundStormLabs.
Well Yes i thought about the low richness…maybe i have to master a copy with less low and more corporate sound…
Now about uniqueness, I think you are right…its not something unique but i try to make it popular as other tracks that sell nice on AJ but with some reality ,like the guitars.But i dont know…I have made about 10 tracks like that (popular style) but no one accepted.
Thank you so much for your reply,maybe i have to do another mastering and try again with that one.

Well I’m glad I could help in some way. If you want unique there aren’t nearly as many AJ tracks with vocals, AJ even had a contest for vocal songs a while back and that would be a large endeavor.

After listening to it again, there might be too many fret noises as well, it can sound unprofessional when you hear so many of them in succession, especially in the beginning after the intro.

just listened to your track, I find it really nice overall, I love all these guitars.
They sound “real” and “organic” and I like this! How refreshing this is.

But I am listening on so-so consumer headphones right now, and the mix is a bit muddy to my ears, especially around 1:00. There is an extra guitar, and it is difficult to really hear it clearly, there is not enough space for it.
This could be a matter of EQ.

I know that mixing is really a difficult art, I experienced a rejection some time ago… I asked for help here, one and… @PhreaSpirit told me if sounded a bit muffled, so I worked hard to improve my mixing skills (it was not just a matter of adding a high shelf :slight_smile: ) and the track just got accepted.

I don’t know if this is the cause of rejection, though…

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Hmmm maybe you got right about the fret noises… you now its something that like a guitarist we used to hear and we think its natural …but yes maybe its too much… i will check that.
Nice information SoundStormLabs about the vocal tracks …
Thank you so much you really help me …Thank you

Yes FrozenJazz you got right about that muddy sound in my mastering…i let it go like this believing thats ok who cares … but its the one reason that i though that maybe its the problem …
I will try a better remix at first and better mastering and see what will happen…
Thank you so much FrozenJazz for your help…

Just made a new remix -mastering with a little edit on fret noises version of the track .Its not my personal taste but i did it with AB logic from a best selling track from AJ i thing this is more close to AJ standard.
But Really need your opinion The first version was really muffled indeed.I uploaded to AJ and i am waiting…
Thank you
here is the Link with the new version

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Well the track after the corrections i did (with your help all you Guys) Accepted from AudioJungle.
So i found out that it has to be a popular remix and mastering for AJ ,we have to be very careful.
And i want to THANK YOU all of you for the great help.
I will try to send again all the rejected tracks of mine with a more popular remix and mastering.
Of course the AB test on mastering is a great idea.Just download a popular track from AJ and do the AB test when you mastering ,so its more more easier to reach the goal.
Here is the track.

Thank you ALL once again


Congrats and sounds really great!

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Thank you so much RobertReid wish the best for all of us…

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