So many items no longer available when searching for images

I just spend 50 minutes adding pictures to a collection, Went to checkout and added all to cart, out of 19 images only 4 went to the cart because the rest were no longer available.

Why show images that are no longer available? Quite stupid imo.


Really strange situation…

Yeah i’m not sure why they allow non purchasable images to show.

Look at a few images on the search below, heaps are not available:

I’m looking for another market to buy images at, photodune is a waste of time now. More then 50% of images I look at and like are no longer available.

Search for one thing then, 7 out of 8 images were not available.

Time consuming.


I also have spent time selecting images I wish to use, adding them to “Favorites” only to find they are no longer available. Total waste of time. It also tells me Envato is not as good as I thought it was. Poorly-managed. The website looks great, but beyond that, I’ll have to look for another online stock multimedia provider. I don’t have time for this nonsense. Oh, and there is no way to communicate directly with the company. This all translates to a second-rate operation.

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We recently did a major cleaning of the photo directory. It’s meant a bit of dust while we’ve made the transition. For all the details you can see the announcement here.


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Today I received a message from one of my buyers complaining that the model I used in the flyer purchased by him is no longer available. And when I checked my downloads, the horror - none of the 17 models I bought from Photodune is available anymore!! Now I have to search for the 17 models on other stock sites and update all the links referred to the buyers. Insane!
I just can’t believe what’s happening on Photodune! I had 301 gorgeous stock images added to a collection (I can still see the total number of items I had in there), and now only 14 are left! 14 from 301 !! This marketplace is dead and buried for me. There’s not a single model left that I could use in my flyers. When I search for “gorgeous woman or girl”, I get dozens of results on the front pages with a woman wearing a hijab!! Not that a woman with hijab isn’t beautiful, but…seriously?? Not being able to find a single woman here that can be used in my flyers?? Wow, just wow!!