So if an audiojungle client uses my track on a TV show........regarding CUE sheets…

So if an audiojungle client uses my track on a TV show…

regarding CUE sheets…

how will they know what my WORK ID is as per ASCAP? or my writer account number?

how is audiojungle tracking this process?

Please let me know your experience


The libraries that make sure cue sheets are filled and everything is in order are the ones that act as your publisher and take a % (mostly 100% of the publisher share). If you earn broadcast royalties with your P.R.O, they will earn too.

Audiojungle will not track any royalties because they are not involved. AudioJungle is not a publisher. They are only involved on the upfront sync fee.

Just make sure all your P.R.O info is in order in your AJ profile and in the audio metadata. I believe you can include a .txt in the package too. I don’t think there is much else you can do about making sure cue sheets are submitted.

Unclaimed royalties and missing cue sheets will always be an issue for RF composers and specially non-exclusive composers. We have to deal with it and try to do our best to claim as much as we can.

hope this helps

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Hi MarscottMusic,

Thank you i better understand now…

Can i be sure that I’m allowed to claim back end royalties when there’s such instance? I hope there’s not anything in terms of audio jungle that says “you cannot claim back end royalties”…

I hope there’s not a term in audiojungle that says the upfront sync fee is all that we get.

Just want to be sure I won’t be claiming something I’m not allowed to (as per terms)

so as far my understanding we are allowed to claim back end royalties (when we can)? is this correct?

Of course you can claim broadcast royalties. You can even enter your P.R.O info on each track and you can set up your P.R.O on your profile. However, it’s just that, info. Audiojungle won’t do anything to claim royalties. You have to do it on your own.

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