So I have some questions about review queue



I submitted a file 6 days ago, its still in queue. And now I’d like to modify the description for item and make minor update to the files.

  1. Do reviewers only look for items that have been in queue for more than X days? If yes, will it reset my queue-time if I resubmit the file now?
  2. Once approved, is the queue just as long every time you make an update to your item?


To update your description on an active project is instant and easy as just editing it.

When changing descriptions, you do not require approval from the reviewers.

You only require approval from the reviewers when updating your product / item.

As for how long the reviewers take, this varies based on how many others are in queue ahead of you.

Usually it’s not much longer than a week (business days) so I’d suspect you’d hear from them this week.

Also know a few authors who said their replies were caught in their SPAM folder so maybe check there?

If no response by mid-week, I’d say open a support ticket and try and reach out.

I’m sure a moderator on the forums here can provide you with more accurate and official responses :slight_smile:


Thanks for the info :smiley: