So, I got hard rejected for the 5th time what am I missing?

I’ve been struggling since January of this month trying to get a html site template approved. Here’s my latest product.
Link: template link
Please highlight what’s getting in problem. I would really appreciate it.
Thank you.

Typography is very amateurish. I am not sure about color palette. You should test it on a big monitor (like 2560x1440) - it doesn’t scale very good.

Overall, this concept is way too simple and already done many times. There are already hundreds if not thousands one page templates on ThemeForest which offer much, much more features. This stand no chance.



  • I not like color green for hurt eyes

  • not good design

  • too spacing

  • need redesign table pricing.

  • typography

this first you need redesign photoshop for sell themeforest because you need more quality if first approved your psd than later convert to html for approved themeforest.

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You could come back here next January and continue with the same results. My recommendation is that you hire a designer, in this community there are millions of excellent designers.

But also get to learn and absorb everything you can and you will get a better result next time.

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