So discouraging. I need to find props for creating mockups, but I can't.

Hello guys.
This has been a struggle of mine for about a year now. Getting items like books, magazines, newspapers, packaging, beer bottles with plain labels etc. I dont know if i just can’t find the right technical term for it, or if it’s just enormously hard to come by. I tried searching amazon, ebay, alibaba and tried talking to printing companies and so on. But with no luck unfortunately.

Do you guys have any suggestions to what i could try? I would really appreciate any help you could throw my way.

Here is some images of what i have in mind:


Thanks guys.

My work:

Boxshot3D, should be able to do it all, l think that it costs about $50, l haven’t used it for a while, but you can put your image over any part of several items, and then see it at any angle.

Good luck.


Hey tmcom.
Thank you for your reply, i will check it out right away! :slight_smile:

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