So complicated! Website creation issue

I want to create a website. A few months ago we paid $61 plus taxes for a six month licence for Boutique - Kute Responsive. We have only now got around to trying to do something with this. So, I went to Envato, logged in and tried to find out how to access the template which I thought we had paid for. OMG! - an hour later I still had no idea how or where to get started. Everything on the site is concerned with selling you other things - nothing is straightforward. I thought there might be some helpful video on Youtube to help but all I could find was self-congratulatory stuff about how well the Envato is doing and how much money they are making.
Does anyone know where I can find another site where I can simply pay for a template and get on with building a website?

When you buy a theme you are buying the item for life and not a subscription.

Assuming that you are logged in using the account which purchased the item (and that you did not buy as a guest) then go to and the purchase will be there

Yes, I had done that and once unzipped I found three folders “Boutique Theme” “Documentation” and "Licensing"
If I click on Boutique Theme this leads to about a hundred sub folders some of which are zipped
I suppose that inside one of those folders there may be some information or even a template to enable you to start putting a website together but I am really not sure how anyone is supposed to know which one?
Maybe somewhere on your vast website there are some instructions as to how to get started but, again, it is anybody’s guess as to where that might be

Envato is just a marketplace and not directly responsible for the technical support of the items you purchase. First I’d check the Documentation folder you mentioned and read some FAQ there - I’d believe the creator of the theme has given you all the information you need in the package you extracted. If you still need more help, I’d contact the seller right away instead.

Without seeing the contents of the folder it’s impossible to say if one of the zips is the theme (although this is likely).

If you want to be sure then click then download button in your downloads page and choose “installable WordPress files only” - this will give you the zip file which is only the theme and correct to install (assuming you have your own domain and hosting with WP installed).

Beyond that then”documentation” folder you found will help with the basic functionality of the theme.

Theme specific queries are best answered by the author. Instructions:

Great! thanks. So, Envato just sells the templates which are someone else’s which in this case is Themeforest - is that correct?
But I paid Envato for technical support and that amounts to telling me to sort it out with Themeforest - is that correct?
Well I went back to Themeforest and checked that I had downloaded everything correctly. But I still couldnt find out how to find the template which I had bought from Envato with technical support. And so I opted for Tech support on the Themeforest website and guesss what? It brought me right back to Envato.
I have found the instructions for installing the template on Themeforest but unfortunately it requires that Wordpress is first downloaded and installed and so I downloaded it. But this also does not work. Their advice is to click on a particular file to get started. But this is a php file and so I had to download a file reader to open this file and guess what was in it when I opened it? A whole load of code. So, everything seems to be going wonderfully. Oh, I noticed that you can help install this for $50 even though I have paid for tech support.

Thanks for the link to the author where installation is specifically excluded from any support available

Not quite. Envato is the company, and Themeforest is one of the different marketplaces run by Envato. Themeforest for Wordpress themes and web templates, AudioHungle for music, VideoHive for video and motion graphics etc etc. Then different authors sell their content within Envato, in one or more of their marketplaces… kind of like Amazon. Amazon runs the site, but there are several different suppliers on the site.

Envato/Themeforest… same thing. You’re paying Envato, out of which they take a cut, and give the rest to the author of the marketplace item. It’s the author that provides support.

That basically just means they don’t install it for you… but if you are having trouble installing the theme, then you should get in touch as they should be able to help. Just go to the item page of the item you bought, and head to the ‘support’ tab.

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