So....about that "vocals" checkbox....

I could use a little advise about my next submission. I’m calling it “Not My Tribe,” and have shared a link below.

The question is, what if my vocals are synthesized? Do I check that little box or not? I added synth vocals on 2 tracks and am wondering whether or not they should count. I’m also not sure which category it fits in. Any advice would be appreciated.

Not My Tribe

Hi, I think the vocals checkbox is for tunes with discernible lyrics where the vocals are upfront in the mix making the track a song. I would consider things like choir pads as a part of the background music, so in your case I would say leave it unchecked.


I think of it the same way @criskcracker does - and I believe that’s Envato’s intent also. If your track has a lyric line, one would check the ‘vocals’ box. If you’re using vocal samples as pads - “ohhhs”, “ahhhs”, etc, or as rhythmic devices - where the vocals are NOT singing an actual lyric, I would leave the box unchecked.

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That makes sense to me. It’s vowels only, so ‘no vocals’ it is. Thanks!

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