so a person who purchased in 2014 can ask for refund now?

so a person who purchased in 2014 can ask for refund now?

we are obliged to provide support only for first six months
but they can request a refund after years?

doesn’t it sound too crazy?

what is your stand on this envato?

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purely out of curiosity - what reason are they giving?

Of course you shouldn’t approve it

I just realized this is a stupid loopwhole if every buyer knows, they can ride a free journey

ex: an audio or video file released in 2014 with that year trends looks so old to customer now and he requests refund and purchases a trendy one in 2020 and requests refund in 2026.

his reason is wrong though

Code is not updated can’t wait anymore for laravel 7 support.

matter of fact, it is updated to laravel 7 in march and he is either lazy to check that or just found a way to ask for refund easily

Remarkable - there’s no obligation for you to update it at all anyway?

Reject it and send him a copy of the refund policy.

Speaking as a former power-buyer (not an author and not an employee of envato), some peoples’ disrespect and sense of entitlement is staggering.

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yeah! i outright rejected it.

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Yikes! That’s terrible. This person should not get a refund at all. The audacity to even request this is just unbelievable.

I recently had a situation (On a recently-acquired by Dribbble platform) where a buyer left a negative review because their own design file size was a little low resolution for one of my device mockups. It’s apparently my fault that her design jpeg is about a 1000 pixels smaller than the size I created the smart object to be. I gave her the obvious advice to have it exported again in a higher resolution and also pointed out that the design she was using had a typo in it and that would need to be fixed anyway. She wasn’t having any of it. Mind you, she could have still scaled her design up and lost a bit more quality and that would have solved her issue but no, it’s the author’s fault. For about a second I considered giving her a refund but quickly decided that it would set a bad precedent.

yeah that becomes a bad precedent,
they should not get refund at all.

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