Snowman on Videohive



I created a very very small animation with my 3d model (on 3d ocean snowman is not animated)

Do you think that this kind of animation is suitable for Videohive ?

Take into consideration that is going to have alpha


Sorry, very very basic.


What about this ?
isn’t it very basic also ?


It happens that was long ago published today are more demanding


its 6 years old file you are comparing with
we need to follow the trend buddy :slight_smile:


Ok, I got it.

So what should I do in order to be accepted

  1. It should’t be transparent ?
  2. It should be more then 4 seconds ?
  3. It should be more complex ?
  4. It should have more small animations ?


you need to give with some variations

why not, its best to give transperant and also in a good background