Snarky Puppy


Hey buddies,

I just want to share with you something marvelous what I just heared and saw for the first time.

Probably some of you will know already. To all who don’t: Enjoy it!
I love their great interaction and arrangements, their love to every little sound and note, and their musical choices at all.

Snarky Puppy - Family Dinner Vol. 1

Snarky Puppy - Family Dinner Vol. 2


Nobody else here likes it? :cry:

Missing the Ukulele or what? :joy:


awesome band, love it
this keyboard solo is amazing:


Snarky puppy is the best… Im one of the fans too…


Yes, it’s pretty awesome.

My actually favorites are these:


Nice, another fan here. :slightly_smiling:
The best thing is that Samuel L. Jackson plays the Hammond and our football player Thomas Müller is the Bandleader. :joy:


Woaa nice… Their 7/8 arrangement was crazy… I love shofukan so much…


The drummer, Larnell lewis is one of my influencer drummer… He’s great gospel drummer…


Thanks for the post @UJ-pro, that was the best saturday morning in a long time for me :slightly_smiling:


:relaxed: :v:


Simply great!


I heard Snarky is playing a secret late night show on 4/28 after they play the fairgrounds in New Orleans…check out


Oh thanks! That would be fantastic. Unfortunately that’s just a dream for me from Germany. We’re happy when we can pay our holidays in Spain this year. :slight_smile:

They made a tour in Germany in autumn last year though I didn’t know them at that time.


Yeah this is one of my fav snarky puppy tracks!


How was the concert? :slight_smile: