file is corrupt and doesn't open in Premiere Pro

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resource file: is corrupt and doesn’t open

Try to download the file again or contact author by mail for support.
Good Luck! :+1:

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Wow, thanks for the quick response, after import premiere says, the file has no audio or video streams. I’ve changed the extension to .mp4, .m4v and nothing works. When I try to preview the video even my
PC says corrupt file

Then I guess the solution is definitely contact author by sending an email. You shouldn´t have problems.
He will give you the support you need for sure

Okay, sounds good, but how do i find the contact / author?

Go to his/her profile page. There you will find a box where you can write a message that goes to his/her mail account.
Then wait for reply, that´s it

Found it, thx!!!


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Is there any way I can see my sent messages?

I guess there´s not. But if your message goes straight to author mail account you will soon receive a response.
Be patient :+1::wink:
I´m an author and I would answer a message for support as soon as possible. So I think he/she will do the same.

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Okay, final question. Where do I see if he or she responded?

Response goes to the email you registered when you created your Envato account.