Smartphone Lightbox Solutions


Lightboxes are a little odd for smartphones. I’ve been doing a lot of cross-testing with many different lightbox plugins (free and here on CC) and have yet to find a fully compatible solution. I’ve been searching for anything either CSS or JS and keep running into the same problems throughout all plugins/solutions I’ve tested. I’m wondering if anyone else if running into these major obstacles?

  • Gestures cause problems with the lightbox content. Moves lightbox content or even the overlay off-screen
  • Overlays not entirely filling the device (mainly due to the next point)
  • Retrieving page/device dimensions via JS provides a ton of new inconsistencies
  • Viewport META tag causing initial open/scaling issues
  • Navigation issues (primarily on Windows Phone devices since there aren’t touch events)

I’m looking for something that will work on iPhones, Android and Windows Phones. Even the “legendary” lightboxes that have been around forever fail at the above. I find it interesting that there seems to be such a large compatibility hole for such a popular design device.


Have you tried:

Not one I have used before


Thanks! I hadn’t tested this one and it comes very close. It only seems to be lacking simulated gestures and zoom resizing/repositioning.