SmartOn theme discontinued?

I have a theme running for my website called Smart On which seems to be discontinued. And I just realized it is broken and I can no longer use its editing features. What do you do with something like this?

It depends - when did you buy the theme?

I can’t see any theme by that name (even discontinued ones usually show up in Google).

Assuming that is it discontinued and not compatible with the latest versions of WP etc. i’d still try and check with the author that it is not simply temporarily disabled.

If it is gone for good, and it was purchased outside of your free support period, then you have 2 options:

  1. Change the theme and update the website to a refreshed design

  2. Look for a freelancer to hire to try and update and resolve any issues with your current theme.


I think I will attempt to pursue option one. If you have any suggestions where I could find guidance as to how to switch themes on a live site and get back up and running would be appreciated.
Thank You!

Feel free to contact directly or via Studio to discuss the details if you’re interested in custom job

I guess that leads to the question how do you know your buying a template that will last X amount of time before it becomes unusable. When Envato puts these things out is there some minimum amount of time they require them to remain compatible?

It depends on the issue the item has - generally speaking all buyers get 6 months support and if the item is removed in that period then they may get a refund.

The “as is” nature of the market and envato being unable to guarantee how long items are available for is solely down to the fact that authors retain copyright.

This method means more choice and generally higher quality than many competitors which is a major reason why envato is the biggest and it’s exactly the same with similar marketplaces including iTunes etc.

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Im having exactly the same issue, would there be a reason why shortcodes stop working?

There may be several reasons to this, probably the best bet would be to contact theme author:

We can’t do much more on a general discussion board.